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Cola Bear 27.5" Mid-Motor E-bike

Cola Bear 27.5" Mid-Motor E-bike

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Looking for an eMTB that can take your riding experience to the next level? The Cola Bear E-MTB is the answer. This bike is designed with a 750-watt mid-drive motor that delivers unparalleled power, torque, and range, giving you the control and confidence you need to tackle any terrain.

The aluminum frame keeps the bike lightweight and easy to handle, while the full front and rear suspension ensures a smooth ride no matter the terrain. Plus, with the 860C LCD display, you'll always know what's going on with your bike.

What really sets the Cola Bear E-MTB apart is its incredible power and torque, comparable to a full-size motorcycle. The 750-watt mid-drive motor delivers over 88 lb-ft of torque, making it a force to be reckoned with on any terrain. This motor takes advantage of the same gearing reduction we do when we downshift to climb hills, making it more energy-efficient, longer-range, and lighter than its direct-drive hub motor counterparts.

Thanks to the mid-drive motor and in-tube batteries, the weight of the bike is centralized and efficient, making for a more balanced bike. The bike's adjustable saddle and power assistance levels allow you to customize your ride to your preferences. It has a range of up to 55 miles with assistance and 25 miles without assistance, making it perfect for long rides. And with a maximum loading of 330 lbs, it can accommodate a wide range of riders.

The Cola Bear E-MTB comes equipped with top-of-the-line hydraulic disc brakes for maximum safety and performance. It also has a sleek aluminum frame, making it much lighter than a typical steel-framed full-suspension mountain bike.

Experience the power and torque of electric, and take your riding to the next level with the Cola Bear E-MTB. Order yours today and start tackling any terrain with ease.

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